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Fully Automatic Slitting And Packaging Integrated Prodution Line


Fully Automatic Slitting And Packaging Integrated Prodution Line

2024-06-29 16:54:36

     Fully automatic slitting& packaging integrated production line This machine is the latest product launched by our company based on years of production and research and development of similar products. It achieves true unmanned operation, integrating fully automatic slitting, automatic breaking off, automatic gluing, automatic cutting, automatic flat punching, and packaging. Equipped with the most advanced automatic control system, with one click control throughout the entire process, easy to operate and stable and reliable operation. Technical feature: Automatic paper feeding, paperless shutdown, automatic core bunching & core feeding, automatic spindle loading( different from continuous shaft replacing and no shaft winding, ensure the rewinding end face neat and stable) automatic paper cutting, gluing, automatic propelling, automatic adhering, automatic sideline waste gathering, automatic marking, automatic ink supply and automatic conveying, etc. A unmanned operating machine in a real sense. Components of the fully automatic cutting and packaging linkage line. Link TextLink Text

1.Automatic slitting

2.Automatic breaking off

3.Automatic flattening

4.Automatic push(propelling)

5.It can be connected to various packaging machines, such as heat shrink packaging machine, gold tin foil packaging machine, biscuit packaging machine, etc.